We would like to share our work with you
We act as guarantors of universal human rights.

Our approach is rooted in human rights; these are fundamental to our understanding of the manner in which, within a democratic society, we can act as guarantors of these universal rights and what role the sexual and reproductive rights of young people play. We reject any form of discrimination be it by gender, ethnicity, sexual preference, religion, socioeconomic status, or political ideology.

Recognition of Oaxaca as both a multiethnic and multi-cultural

We respect the multi-ethnic and multicultural character of our state, where different native peoples coexist, sharing the territory. In the same way, we recognize that each of these peoples has their own social and political organization, language and culture. This idea envelops the community values of indigenous peoples such as respect, solidarity and communality by which each citizen has a responsibility to their community and the communal takes precedence over the individual.

Recognition of social patterns

We recognise the knowledge that exists within the community, as well as that which roots in local traditions. All of us are part of a social context and a culture, both of which teach us a variety of behaviours: some respectful of the rights of others and others that prejudice them. Understanding these social patterns and seeing the consequences allows young women to make their own decisions about these behaviours, as is the case with the gender-based violence extant inside communities and the damage it causes to the lives of boys and girls, young and old.

A secular and empirical approach

We rely on scientific evidence and a secular approach, this allows us to ensure that the knowledge acquired has a basis in fact and reflects authoritative findings on sexual and reproductive health. Likewise, we start from the principle that we must divest ourselves of all religious and cultural prejudices that restrict knowledge and introduce bias regarding the sexual and reproductive rights of the young population.

Equal rights for women and men.

Our founding principle is that of equality between women and men, this is fundamental to the achievement of a fair society that respects the rights of both women and men, the right to political participation including decision-making within the community.