We contribute to the well-being of Oaxacan women and work towards a more equal, egalitarian and fair society.

A space for analysis and reflection.

We opened in 1991 with the objective of providing psychological and legal advice to individuals, our documentation centre
gives specialist information on women’s issues and provides a space of reflection and analysis through talks and workshops.

A response to various problems

We have developed several projects that aim to respond to the primary problems that girls and women face in the state. Our focus is on issues of gender equality, multiculturalism, human rights and the environment. These projects are carried out in rural and indigenous communities of the state.

Training centre for community leadership and management
Graduate programs and seminars

Since 2009, we have offered diplomas, seminars, awareness-raising and training workshops for young indigenous and Afro-Mexican women on topics such as: gender, health, sexual and reproductive rights, the prevention of gender violence and the development and strengthening of leadership skills. The projects are developed at a community level, with the collaboration of public and private institutions as well as civil society organizations from both inside and outside the state of Oaxaca.

GESMujer Youth
A space for the youth population

We develop projects and activities aimed specifically at young women. Primarily these include: the fight for gender equality and equity, sexual and reproductive health and rights and the prevention of domestic violence.