To contribute to transforming society into a fairer and more equitable one that respects the rights of women; working with people, government institutions, academics, associations, societies, the private sector, media, foundations and related organizations.


A society in which women and men develop to the heights of their capacities, as much from the perspectives of fairnessand gender equality, as those of human rights, interculturality and care for the environment.

General objective

Working from the perspective of gender equality to contribute to the well-being of women in our state, with a view to achieving a more egalitarian, equal and fair society.

Specific objectives

  • To keep the Casa de la Mujer “Rosario Castellanos” open to all those interested in improving the conditions and status of women.
  • To create support programs and services for women in the community in which their participation and decisions are the priority.
  • To promote reflection and communication, as much amongst women as between women and men.
  • To foster exchange with related organisations.
  • To support actions that promote equal opportunities for women, especially in their role in policy and decision-making.
  • To generate processes of empowerment, leadership and training available for women of all ages.